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OYSADA, Oyo N-CARES Farm Assets Distribution Not For Politicians, Says Oorelope LGA Boss•••commends Makinde over timely interventions


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The Executive Chairman of Oorelope Local Government, Hon. Raheem Adepoju has educated his people about the distribution of some farm assets by Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA) through its N-CARES programme.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that Hon. Raheem also commended the state governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde for the timely intervention for the genuine farmers in the state and most especially in his local government.

Hon. Roheem presenting farm asset items to one of the beneficiaries in his local government….

He noted that there is no doubt that the governor’s intervention programmes will go a long way to tackle food insecurity in the state.

Speaking with journalists during the presentation of farm assets to beneficiaries who are genuine farmers at the Secretariat of the local government in Igboho, Hon. Raheem stressed that today OYSADA through the Oyo N-CARES project distributed farm assets such as knapsack sprayers and kits, as well as some mechanical weeder machines to some of our farmers here in Oorelope Local Government.”

“Oyo state Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde is really setting the pace for others to emulate, and this is what led to his present achievements, this OYSADA, Oyo N-CARES programme is not for the politicians, it’s purely for Oyo state masses that are real and genuine farmers.”

“Oyo state government under the leadership of our able leader, Engr. Seyi Makinde is doing this to ameliorate the suffering of our farmers that were affected during the covid-19 pandemic. I’m explaining this to us so that we can be well educated about the whole project so we don’t start misinforming our people about it, though we were carried as the executive chairman of the local government.”

“This intervention programme is purely for the farmers in the state which our local government is not left out, for those of us here that will not be getting anything today don’t worry it will soon get to your turn, as I’m fully aware that some have benefitted, in the last few months, they’ve collected cassava stems, fertilizers and chemicals all valued close to N60,000 if not more than per individual, I think they got theirs just before the commencement of this raining, and now some of us will be receiving mechanical weeder machines, while some of us will be receiving PPE and knapsack sprayers machines, so if you’re not privileged to have your name here today as beneficiary of these items don’t be upset just relax it will soon get to your turn, this a continuous programme and it’s well structured for all the genuine farmers in the state.”

“For those of us that benefitted today please don’t sell whatever given to you, it is your property, make good use of it for your betterment and to the betterment of your immediate environment, government is spending a lot on this project to ensure food security in our state, so help yourself with it by making good use of it. Let’s received it with the spirit of love and kind gesture that the g

Governor has extended to us.

“I’m into soya beans farming, here in Oorelope we’re predominant farmers, we have farmers that specialized in cassava production and we have some that are into cash crops and we also have some that are into vegetables, so I’m still begging and pleading on behalf of my people for more government intervention, especially on agribusiness sector.” Hon. Raheem said.

Some of the beneficiaries that spoke with journalists commended the state government for the intervention.

In her response, a beneficiary of mechanical weeder, a YEAP farmer, Shittu Amidat from Igboho, who is into cassava farming lauded the government for the intervention. She said, “this mechanical weeder will surely make my farming more easier, and I can assure you that it will equally enhance my productivity.

Another beneficiary who’s a cassava and maize farmer, from Olorunsogo LGA, Omotogo Mary from Ogunte Ikolaba Area of Igbeti town, with farmland locate at Odoile, received two knapsack sprayers machines and kits, including boot, gloves, eye protective glasses commended the efforts of the state government for the intervention, she also described the intervention as a timely one.

She said, “I have been thinking of buying this sprayer kit but I didn’t have enough money to buy it, and I really needed to buy two one for chemicals spraying purpose and other for fertilizers spraying purposes but now that the government has helped me through provision of these items I’m so happy and glad, this will surely go a long way in boosting my farming, I’m so grateful.

Adeyemi Jacob said, “I’m one of the beneficiaries from Olorunsogo LGA, I’m also YEAP member and the OYSADA N-CARE’s facilitator for this local government .

We appreciate the state governor for this intervention project, we are predominant farmers in this local government and for government to have recorgnized us with these items then it means they expected much from us, and by the grace of God we shall deliver by doubling our efforts on farm, these items will surely help us to double our productions.”

As at the time of filling this reports no fewer than 60 knapsack sprayers and protective kits were shared among 30 genuine farmers in Olorunsogo local government Igbeti, while 10 farmers received one mechanical weeder each, and 40 pieces of knapsack sprayers as well as protective kits were distributed for farmers in Oorelope local government Igboho.

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