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RESTANCHOR Boss, Leye Adefioye Bags Lifetime Patron Award of RCSC, •••says securing lives, properties is our collective responsibilities


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President and founder of RESTANCHOR Total Child and parenting Foundation, Prince Leye Adefioye has called on Nigerians to see security of lives and properties as their sole responsibilities which should not be left for government alone.

Speaking during his investiture as patron of Rescue Complimentary Support Corps (RCSC) held in Church Hall of the Cathedral of St. David’s Church, Kudeti, Ibadan, Prince Adeleye highlighted the country’s security challenges to be armed robbery, piracy, kidnapping for ransom, terrorism, ethnic and religious conflict, human trafficking, cybercrime, political violence, cultism among others.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that Prince Adefioye in his address said, “Nigeria has been facing the threat of terrorism for many years, particularly from the Islamist militant group Boko Haram. The group has carried out attacks on civilians, government officials, and security forces, causing many deaths and displacing thousands of people.”

“Kidnapping for ransom has become a widespread security problem in Nigeria. Criminals, often organized gangs, abduct individuals or groups of people, including foreign workers, and demand large sums of money in exchange for their release.”

“Nigeria is a diverse country with many ethnic and religious groups. Conflicts between these groups have resulted in violence, including attacks on communities and individuals.”

“Cybercrime, including online fraud and hacking, is a growing problem in Nigeria. Criminals use the internet to steal money and personal information from individuals and businesses.”

“Nigeria is a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking. Criminals traffic people for forced labor, sexual exploitation, and organ harvesting.”

“These among others are some of the major security challenges facing Nigerians. It’s worth noting that some of these challenges are interrelated, and addressing them requires a multi-pronged approach involving law enforcement, government policy, and community engagement.” Adeleye said.

While x-rayed the benefits of collaboration in enhancing security apparatus of the country, Pastor Adeleye said, “collaboration is essential in enhancing security in today’s digital age. By sharing information and resources, stakeholders can stay ahead of emerging threats, implement proactive security measures, and respond quickly to security incidents.”

“While collaboration presents several challenges, such as organizational silos and trust issues, these challenges can be overcome through proactive strategies and investment in the necessary infrastructure and technologies. Ultimately, by working together, stakeholders can create a safer and more secure digital environment for everyone.” He said.

Adeleye who also stated the challenges of collaboration in enhancing security said, “While collaboration is essential in enhancing security, it also presents several challenges. One of the main challenges is the need to overcome organizational silos and turf wars. Organizations may be reluctant to share information or resources due to concerns about competitive advantage or liability. Additionally, collaboration requires a significant amount of trust and communication, which can be difficult to establish and maintain.

Also in her remarks, the President of Outpour of Fragrance Initiative, Dr. Lola Odeyale Fashida who also doubled as recipient of Patron Award of the Rescue Complimentary Corps stressed that Governments and private sector entities can collaborate to enhance security architecture of the country.

She maintained that this can be achieved through public-private partnerships, where the government provides resources, such as funding, while private sector entities provide expertise and technology.

She noted that sharing information on security threats is essential for enhancing security, stressing that governments and private sector entities can collaborate to share information on security threats and develop strategies to counter them.

Dr. Lola said, “governments and private sector entities can also collaborate to provide joint training programs on security-related matters. This can help to increase awareness and improve the skills of individuals and organizations in addressing security threats.”

“Collaboration across borders is essential for enhancing security in a globalized world. Governments can work together to share information and resources to combat security threats that span multiple countries.”

“Enhancing security through collective efforts is essential in today’s interconnected world. Collective efforts offer many benefits, including shared expertise, resource sharing, greater awareness, faster response, and increased resilience. She said.

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