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It was a black Friday for Alhaji Abass Oloko when PDP members from Ward four (4) in Ibadan South East Local Government humiliated him over attempt to impose his son as councillorship candidate in the local government elections coming up in 2024.

The incident happened at the house of the former Deputy Governor and Deputy National Chairman (South) of the party, Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja located at Felele during the stakeholders’ meeting to ratify names of the party candidates for the elections.

According to an eye witness, “Abass Oloko met his waterloo when he approached Ambassador Arapaja house, the venue where the political leaders in the local government converged to determine the chairmanship and councillorship candidates for the party. Angry ward 4 party members at Felele residence of the former Deputy deputy Governor disgraced, embarrassed and molested him for his selfishness, imposition and lack of respect for the wishes of the party members in the ward.

“The good people of ward 4 had unanimously adopted one Saheed Adepoju as their councilor through voting system among the party executives and leaders, which was ably supervised by the party chairman and stakeholders of the ward. The ward chairman who supervised that process that produced Saheed Adepoju, thereafter, connived with Oloko due to monetary inducement was not left out of the disgrace by the party members.

“The good people of ward 4 Ibadan South East LG are clamouring for freedom, equity and fair play. They noted that our candidate has been chosen by our people and as such enough of this political shenanigans of Abass Oloko.

“Over the years, the only dividend of democracy that Abass Oloko has brought to ward 4 courtesy of his political nuisance that has had him several political offices is imposition of his children over and above dedicated, diligent and loyal party members in the ward,” the witness said.

It was reliably gathered that people have hooked to the teeth for recklessness, imposition, and serial anti social attitude of Abass Oloko in ward 4 of the council area.

According to one of the party chieftain in ward, who pleaded anonymity, “it is on record that over the years, Oloko had successfully hijacked councilor and supervisory councillorship position for his children in the ward, his son, Usman Oloko is the incumbent councillor in the ward with absolutely nothing to show for it, lack of good representation, responsiveness to party member, non attendance at the party meeting, lack of respect for party stalwarts among others.

“The people are tired of this attitude, he neither voted nor canvassed votes for PDP in the just concluded election, hence, he wants to eat where he did not sow. He and his son actually worked against us.

“History has it that since1999 Abass Oloko has been enjoying the patronage of successive government in power due to his nuisance political value, however, Oloko can not point out to anyone he has uplift in the ward except his sons and daughters. He never brought any socio-economic development to the ward.

“Oloko is a selfish and unscrupulous person who doesn’t want any other person to grow politically in that ward except his children, hence, the people revolted that enough is enough. The era of monkey they work, baboo dey eat has ended in our political system.

The man does not have any political relevance in the ward, let him tell Ibadan people that he want to cross carpet and showcase his followers, no one would follow him. The only instrument he has is to use Governor’s name to suppress and undermine the good people of ward 4 to his whims and caprices. This can be verified by any interested politician.

“We are while calling on His Excellency, Engr. Oluseyi Makinde to prevail on Abass Oloko to allow justice, equity and fair play in Ward four of Ibadan South East.”

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