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Support  Government In Creating Enabling Environment, Road Rescue CEO Urges Nigerians
***States Reason For Filling Portholes In Ibadan
Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan

Road Rescue CEO has stated reasons for filling portholes in Ibadan metropolis.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that the Chief Operating Officer of Road Rescue, Mr. Mike Adegun has stated the reason why all hands must be on deck in supporting the government in creating an enabling environment for the benefit of all and sundry.

Concerned by the high rate of youth unemployment in the society, as well as the level of damages done to our cars due to several unavoidable potholes encounters on daily basis on our roads, the Chief Operating Officer of Road Rescue Limited has come up with a viable do it yourself solutions know as the cold asphalt.

Cold mix asphalt, according to Mr. Mike Adegun, the CEO of Road Rescue Limited is very easy and it’s ready to use in filling the potholes on our roads with just shovel, rakes and lesser workforce.

Speaking with journalists while working on the potholes at the Anfani Roundabouts area of Ring Road Ibadan, the Capital City of Oyo State, on Thursday Mr. Mike Adegun lauded the state government over its commitment to zero potholes in the state. Maintaining that the state government through the ministry of works, infrastructure and transports under the supervision of Prof Dahud Shangodoyin, the state commissioner is taking the issue of road constructions and repairs very serious.

Adegun noted that Road Rescue Limited through its corporate social responsibility engagements has worked on some major roads in Ibadan metropolis, including the General Gas Akobo to Kolapo Ishola GRA entrance,  Iyaganku GRA to Ring Road bypass with spur up to Mile 110 Road, Dandaru to Vine Branch Church up to Yemetu Road.

He said, “We came up with the cold asphalt and we went to the extent that we make it in such a way that it can be stored in sacks and it can be store for more than two to three years and nobody has ever done this before in this country. The cold asphalt can be use at any moment any season of the year be it during the rain or dry season.

“We are working during the rain, we are not disturbed by it, we’ve currently succeeded in two concepts, we’ve come up with cold asphalt and two we’ve been able to bag it in 25kg sacks which will make it very easier for people to use and that initiative is new in Nigeria.”

Mr. Adegun also stressed that the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Infrastructure and Transport is committed to actualizing the determination of the State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde which has resulted in engaging an indigenous company like us to repair some roads for free through our Corporate Social Responsibility to the State.

Adegun noted that it is the responsibility of Oyo State Roads and Management Agency, (OYSROMA) to fix the potholes on our roads but when I spoke with the chairman of the agency about this latest and less cumbersome idea of do it yourself cold mix asphalt, he was surprised and pledged his support and also promised to inspect what we are doing here  today.”

“It is usual and quite understanding  for us that road maintenance projects during the raining season used to slow down because hot asphalt has limitations during the rain, while this cold mix asphalt provides an all season solution.”

“With this newly packaged cold asphalt you can easily buy two bags and take it to fill the potholes in front of your house, we don’t need to wait for government to do all things for us, association can buy up to 20 bags or even landlords association can buy as many bags as they need to fill potholes in their area, instead of waiting for government, society and corporate organizations can key into this too, we made it so easy that it will be readily accessible for people to use.

“Secondly this will help us to engage those youths in our areas that are already filling the potholes with gutter sand and beg for money from the motorists that are passing by, if the local government authorities can buy some bags and give it to them and let them start making use of it in filling the potholes in their local government areas, what this means is that these set of youths have been meaningfully engaged and it will surely reduce the crime rate in our society because they could have joined their colleagues in crimes but they choose not to do so.”

“We are currently engaging some of those youths with this project and that is also part of our commitment in reducing the crime rates in our society, it is proven fact that most youths engage in crime as a result of idleness. We must support these younger and vibrant set of people through proper engagements. Adegun said.

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